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Relax, Repeat

Relax, Repeat

Sway to and fro under the gently rustling of the palm leaves.


The San Blas islands (Kuna Yala) is an autonomous territory comprised of 378 islands that lie in the northwest of Panama along the Caribbean Sea. Most of the islands are uninhabited, but several are home to the indigenous people called the Kuna's (or Guna's). These peoples oversee their islands and keep them and the turquoise waters pristine and beautiful. Sea turtles, starfish, dolphins, cuttlefish, lobster, anenome and an array of fish peruse the seas while toucans, macaws, hummingbirds and tanagers flutter between the palms.



Canvas Magnet

Isla Chichime, San Blas Islands, Panama


3 x 3

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